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These guidelines are only suggestions.  Feel free to write or tell your story your own way.  

1) Background

Tell a little about yourself.  You can make this section fairly brief.  

2) How did it start?

Did the onset of the panic disorder relate to big life issues, such as trauma, grieving or major life changes?  

Was there a specific trigger for the panic disorder?

3) What was the suffering like?

Make this section fairly short.  It’s important to describe the suffering, but we want to give “center stage" to the process of healing.

4) Diagnosis

What was your correct diagnosis?

How did you identify your condition and/or get your diagnosis?

How long did it take from the time the panic started?

What were some of the “twists and turns” in getting your diagnosis?

How helpful was it to identify your condition?

5) Healing

This is the section we would like to be "center stage".  Take your time here.

What were the most important elements in your healing? 

What helped and what didn't?

What role did medication play?

What kinds of therapy did you try?  What helped and what didn’t?

What role did cognitive-behavioral therapy play?

What role was played by religion, spirituality or meditation?

6) Your Story’s Timeline

What was the year of onset?
What year did you get your diagnosis or identify your condition?
What year did you begin your recovery?

7) Today

What is your life like now?
When you talk about your healing, what terms do you use (e.g., "in recovery", "full recovery", "cure") and what do they mean to you?  

8) Guidance for Others

What message would you like to give to those who are working for their own recovery?

Thank you for sharing your story of recovery and helping to shine the light of healing on panic disorder and agoraphobia.

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