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Exploding Into a Ball of Fire,  by Ben R.

Scary Thought:  During a panic attack, my blood pressure would go up and I could die of a stroke!

Q:  So, you're afraid that your blood pressure will rise so high during a panic attack that you might suddenly die?
A:  Yes

Q:  How high does your blood pressure get when you're having a severe panic attack?
A:  I had a really bad one at the doctor's office once, and he read 150. My heart rate was 100.

Q:  Did you pop?
A:  What do you mean?

Q:  While at the doctor's office, did you explode in a ball of fire? Because if so, I want to use your doctor - he put you back together quite well. It's really quite amazing....
A:  Well....no. *laugh* He told me if it's still that high in a month, I should talk to him.

Q:  So, it'll take you a month to blow up?
A:  Well, I'm not really going to blow up...I might have a stroke.

Q:  Well, if your body is raging with panic and you reach 150, I have to imagine your
levels are lot more manageable when you're not having a panic attack, right? I mean, I've heard of people with a consistent high blood pressure of 169 or higher. They needed to get it fixed, but didn't instantly die...right?
A:  Yes, I guess.

Q:  And so it seems reasonable that if you just relaxed a bit, you might keep yourself from having blood pressure that high?
A:  Yes, a few days ago I tested myself while at the grocery store and it was about 120.

Q:  Then let your doctor worry about it unless you find yourself adding another zero to the end of that 120.

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