Short Essays on Key Aspects of Healing


Free Introduction to Recovery

Free Guidance and Support

Finding a Therapist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Overcoming Agoraphobia

Stories of Healing


This section of is written by Neal Sideman.

Recommended Self-Help Books

Advice on Self-Help Groups

Telling others about your healing path

Understanding panic:

Panic is only a false alarm

Is panic disorder genetic?

You say that panic is never dangerous.  What about "fleeing in a panic"?  Couldn't that be dangerous?

The Attitude of "Allowing"

What is a "setback"?

What is "success"?

Re-framing Panic as a Success

Switching the "Payoff" from Suffering to Healing

Overcoming Doubts

Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts

Challenges and Opportunities:  Some Philosophical Reflections



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