Shining the Light of Healing on Anxiety Disorder
by Neal Sideman
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The First Step in Healing: Correct Diagnosis

Before I got my diagnosis, I ran a gauntlet of 9 doctors, psychiatrists and therapists.  The situation is improving, but many health professionals are still not familiar with these conditions.  Many doctors and therapists received their training long before anxiety disorders were even recognized.

However, it’s no longer necessary for anyone to spend years searching for a diagnosis.  Thanks to the Internet, anyone can now do a meaningful self-diagnosis in only a few minutes’ time.

Freedom From Fear, one of the leading organizations in the field, has created a “screening room” on their website.  Anonymously and with privacy, anyone can find out if they might be suffering from an anxiety disorder.  The website utilizes a short questionnaire.  If the answers indicate that an individual might have an anxiety disorder, he/she can get a free consultation with a professional trained in this field.

The website address is:

The Second Step in Healing:  Finding the Best Resources

For anyone who is willing to be open and receptive, the resources for healing are abundantly available.  

Hundreds of therapists have devoted their careers to helping people overcome these conditions.  For information on locating a therapist, click on this link: Find a Therapist

Dozens of self-help books tell about how people heal and achieve their recovery.  For some recommendations, click here: Recommended Self-Help Books.

Finally, there are hundreds of websites providing an incredible array of information, education and inspiration.  Here are a few: Links

If you would like some guidance in finding resources for healing, please feel free to contact me.

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