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There is only one form of therapy that is widely proven to be effective for panic disorder and agoraphobia.  It's called "cognitive-behavioral therapy," or "CBT" for short.  Within a few weeks' time, you could see some dramatic improvement. 

CBT is like taking a class: you learn skills that empower you to overcome the anxiety and panic.  Having a good teacher makes it much easier to learn these skills.

More and more therapists are learning about CBT.  However, at this time, one has to be assertive to find an experienced CBT therapist.  For many people, this is the most challenging step on their healing path!  

At, we have developed a step-by-step guide to help you find your CBT therapist.  Looking for an experienced CBT therapist is like a “treasure hunt.”  We like to think of our guide as a “treasure map.”  We hope it leads you to the “treasure” of your own CBT therapist, who can be your teacher, friend and guide on your healing path.

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