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First of all, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches you about the nature of the panic response and the panic attack (See Education).  

A panic attack is an overwhelming experience that seems like just one thing, but its really a number of things all going on at the same time sensations and scary thoughts.

Examples of sensations are racing or pounding heart, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, chest pain and sweating.  Examples of scary thoughts are fear of going crazy, fear of losing control and fear of dying.

CBT demonstrates to you that each sensation and each scary thought is actually completely harmless.  CBT empowers you to slow down the panic response, so that you can gradually master each sensation and each scary thought, one at a time. 

As you learn to no longer fear the sensations and scary thoughts, you become less and less afraid of panic.  Since the central feature of panic disorder is the persistent fear and worry about panic, CBT empowers you to completely heal from this condition.

CBT: The Right Therapy for Panic Disorder


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