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Where's the Bathroom???

by Taylor B.

Sensation: The panic sends my bowels a-rumbling, feels like I'll have diarrhea.

Negative thought:  I won't be able to find a bathroom in time if I start to have a panic attack.  I will have an accident in my pants and embarrass myself.

Response: Q & A style

Q:  So how many times have you had a panic attack and pooped your pants in your adult life?

A:  I have always been near a bathroom or been able to quickly find one.  So, never.  I'm scared of not finding a bathroom, but I always find one even if I have to hold it.

Q:  So you are fully potty trained at the age of 28?

A:  Of course!

Q:  ...... But, what if you're in someone else's car and not driving?

A:  I guess I'd tell them I needed to find a restroom.

Q:  And that would be embarrassingly catastrophic because no one else, except you, has had diarrhea in their entire life?

A:  No, everyone has had it.  Everyone has had it in their life and know how it feels.   And, everybody poops!  Didn't I read that book as a child?  It doesn't need a lot of explaining.  It's not like I have a panic attack and suddenly want to rob a bank!!  That would take some explaining.

Q:  But, would it be more embarrassing to have to tell them you were panicking and needed a restroom ASAP or just letting loose in the car because you were TOO embarrassed to ask?

A:  Of course I would ask them to stop somewhere.  Even in the middle of nowhere, there's always the side of the road if all else fails.  Deer do it every day in the woods!   Yes, I may be embarrassed, worst case scenario, to be pooping on the side of the road somewhere, but it's a LOT less embarrassing than doing it on their passenger seat.   Plus, it would make for a hilarious story!

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