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Psychopathic Killers

Sensations:  Hot flashes, sweaty and queasy

Scary thought:  “What if I went crazy and became a psychopathic killer?”

Challenging the scary thought:

Q: “What are the chances that I could instantly become a psychopathic killer?”
A:  “ZERO.  Becoming a psychopathic killer takes years of training, and I just don't have what it takes.  No one has ever become a psychopath from panic.  Not even once, in the entire history of man and womankind.  If it could happen, millions of Moms all over the country would be putting their kids in the oven instead of their pot roasts.  Funny, you'd think we would have heard about it on the news!"

"I'm feeling strong sensations, but I know they are harmless.”

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