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Cognitive-behavioral therapy -- "CBT" for short -- is the only form of therapy widely shown to be effective for panic disorder and agoraphobia.  Dozens of studies by top university researchers have proven its effectiveness.  CBT is endorsed by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Reading through this section of our website will give you a great introduction to the CBT approach.

Why is it called "cognitive-behavioral therapy"?  "Cognitive" refers to the mind and "behavioral" refers to the body.  CBT is the right approach, because panic definitely affects both our mind and our body! 

CBT is a learning process.  It teaches us skills that gradually empower us to master the panic response.

CBT starts by helping us to understand the emotion of panic.  This is very important, because understanding panic makes it a lot less scary. 

Cartoons can be a great "shortcut" in this learning process, besides being a lot of fun.  We hope you enjoy the cartoons we've created for you.

So, to start with...

What Does the Panic Monster Really Look Like?

Click here to find out:  The Panic Monster


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