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Panic is a fascinating and very odd emotion.  But remember, the fight-or-flight response resides in a very old part of the human brain.  Prehistoric times were very, uhh, colorful.  Without our survival response, we wouldn't be here today.  And in giving us the gift of our fight-or-flight response, our Creator was more concerned with ensuring our protection than with avoiding false alarms.

The most sensitive among us are the ones who get to experience the false alarms.  We can feel victimized, or we can use the experience to learn and grow in some extraordinary ways. 

We are members of a very select group.  We have repeatedly faced the most intense experience of fear that the human organism is capable of.  Anyone who does this has tremendous courage. 

You may not have “signed up” to become one of the most courageous people on the planet, but this is exactly what you are doing by reading these words right now, and by taking steps, day by day, for your recovery.



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