Six of the Most Powerful Approaches to Healing


Six Approaches to Healing:






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Our philosophy is that each person has his/her own unique healing path, and that just being on the healing path can be a very beautiful experience.

Many have fully recovered from panic disorder and agoraphobia, following many different paths and using a number of different approaches – or “modalities” – for healing.

For one person, the approach of cognitive-behavioral therapy may be all that is needed to achieve full recovery.  For another, medication may be the answer.  For a third, meditation and prayer may be the key to healing.  And for a fourth, a combination of modalities may be needed for full recovery.

Here are six of the most powerful modalities for healing:

1)     Education:  understanding the condition

2)     Physical:  calming and balancing the body

3)    Meditation:  interpreted broadly, “meditation” includes prayer, guided imagery and relaxation techniques.

4)    Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):  the only form of therapy widely proven to be effective

5)    Medication:  a powerful road to healing for many

6)    Big Life Issues:  identifying and healing from life issues related to the panic



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